How do I copy a "People" field from one table to another?


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I am using Coda to generate task lists. Every time somebody joins a team, I want to be able to generate set of TODOs for various people.

Setting up buttons to copy a template row to another table works beautifully except that I am not able to copy “People” columns. The name makes it over, but coda doesn’t recognize it as a contact. I tried to look through coda functions to no avail.

My addrow column definition is attached as an image here.



Dear @Sridhar_Ramaswamy,

Not 100% sure, but it seems that doc is NOT shared with “Todd”, did you check that.
When “Todd” is added he will become visible in the people column.


I hope that I am putting you in the right direction.

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Ah, using the value thisRow.Owner.Name rather than thisRow.Owner fixes the copy problem…That is, if you want to programmatically copy a “People” field over, use the expression peopleColumnName.Name for the copy to work right.

(Thanks for the reply, JP. I was just copying my name over from one table to another…)

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For future readers, this post shows the pattern how you can initialize a new record using a template . How to create a set of records every time a new record is created in table


BTW, the definitive recommendation from the Coda team was to use the List function like so:

I needed to do this because the destination field was a People column that allowed for multiple selections. Thanks to Preeyanka for tracking this down.