Coda Appreciation Thread

Forums tend to spotlight challenges, troubleshooting, and feature gaps. This thread is dedicated to positive experiences with Coda—let’s focus on the bright side!

Share what you love about Coda, good vibes only :yellow_heart:


Here are a few things I love about Coda to get this party started :partying_face:

  • The simplicity of creating connected tables, coming from sheets it’s a breath of fresh air
  • The undo (ctrl + z) manager works so beautifully, kudos to whoever made it!
  • Copy pasting TSV formatted text to create tables is pretty cool
  • CFL (Coda Formula Language) supporting nested attributes, powerful yet safely sandboxed, very neat

Love the idea for this thread, @Rickard_Abraham!

So much to love, but one thing that immediately comes to mind is to agree with your love of CFL. It’s not just that it’s easy to use and well thought out, there’s something special about it.

Sure all the standard stuff is there (string manipulation, conditionals, etc), but so many of the formulas (and especially some of the hidden ones) don’t feel like there’s any way they could have made the cut through a group consensus after boring user surveys like you’d expect when a consumer product is being developed. It often feels like CFL is written by code enthusiasts who really want to bring the magic of code into the lives of nocode users, and they snuck in little hidden gems while no one was looking.

Like CFL shouldn’t be this fun to use, surely? Why does it so often feel like we as the community are unearthing hidden mysteries and pioneering new ideas?


Love the Idea.

Coda Packs. My knowledge of JavaScript is near zero and I still got to create a pack that fits my needs.
The documentation is great and the help of @Eric_Koleda makes the complicated simple.
Integration is key.


:smiling_face_with_tear: this post made my day.


There is of course a lot of the big things that get talked about, but what I like is that every now and again I can go “Great, that is something neat that has slipped in.”

And since they are small, of course I cannot think of one at the moment. But it is these little quality of life improvements, coupled with the large topics that makes you realise you are part of a sea change in the history of computing.

One major change that I have worked with, is the SAP HANA Database concept. Coda is going to be more impactful as it is not limited to enterprise organisations. Billions of people are going to use this in the future.

I cannot wait to be able to look back in five year’s time.


IT IS LITERALLY THE MOST INTUITIVE PROGRAM I HAVE EVER USED TO ORGANIZE MY LIFE!! I have tried every way imaginable, and this program is just so streamlined for helping represent hierarchies of information, building blocks of concepts and designs and thoughts and just documents everything you need in as structured or unstructured a way as possible!! AND NOW WITH AI??? Woh! It’s the perfect sandbox and my colleagues (non-IT and IT alike) just thrive on using it.