Coda as G Suite add-on

May the Coda dev team, please, consider working on a GSuite add-on via the G Suite Marketplace?

G Suite add-on example :point_down:

Gmail add-on example :point_down:


Big +1 here, especially in light of already very strong, tight integration with all Google products in packs and across the Coda platform. This is such a great feature that allows anything in Email to get quickly into Coda with full context. The relatively new Gmail right โ€œtoolbarโ€ is a huge addition to Gmail, and being able to quickly click an app from there, and add to it via the dialog that appears, just as @jeo has illustrated (very nice screenshot by the way!), would be huge. I can do this with things like Asana, Atlassian, etc., really needed for Coda.

As a side, a similar ability to add from Slack would be equally as helpful, as the current Slack pack that just pushes from Coda to Slack is lacking due to this missing reciprocal pieceโ€ฆ

Thanks guys for considering and really hoping to see this in production soon!

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