Coda as headless CMS?

Hi, I’m currently working on medical website built on Webflow. We’re managing content in Coda as it’s easier for collaboration. Once a page is approved, I take the content and copy/paste it into Webflow. Would it be possible to extract content using the Coda API in a HTML format, so it can automatically be added into Webflow’s Rich Text elements? Coda would then become some sort of headless CMS.


Hi @alexlem welcome to the Coda community!

I am currently working on a Webflow Pack that allows you among other things to create and update items from Webflow collections. I think using a canvas column you should be able to accomplish your use case. Send me a private message with the email address you use with Coda and I can share the Pack with you and you can make some tests :slight_smile:


Good idea! I was thinking about this kind of pack.
Considering the quality of your pack, i think it is in a good way. :+1:


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