How easy is Coda with a web front end?

I’m trying to work out if it’s possible to use a Coda as the backend for a WebApp. That is, can I create a webpage to pull data from a Coda e.g. via query, and have the web front end to add a sort of GUI with animation etc?

I’m pretty sure it’s obvious from my question but I have very little actual coding knowledge (you wouldn’t have guessed, right?!) but I’ve done enough in the past to know I can learn but I don’t want to spend time doing that if what I’m trying to do basically isn’t possible.

I’ve built a Coda our non-profit can use to track the waste plastic we take from businesses we work with, through the process of shredding, sorting, storing and re-moulding it into 100% recycled products. It will already make it easier for us to keep better tabs on inventory and also assess things like order feasibility; since each product might be made from up to 8 colours of plastic mixed together and since many products use the same colours, multi-line orders include lots of overlap we need to be aware of from the outset. What I’d like to be able to do is use the data we naturally generate to showcase cool stats e.g. how much we’ve recycled, how many products we’ve made via a page on our website, maybe using some nifty animations etc. to bring it all to life.

Is this basically possible?

Why don’t you just embed the entire doc on one page and call it a website? The navigation is totally there - and it’s something you can do in like 5 minutes

Hi @Jake_Nguyen good question. I could probably embed a subdoc to a page and create links between the system and the subdoc but I don’t want to expose the entire to and its contents to world; just a subset of the data.

Is embedding a doc to a page relatively easy - again I’m trying to work out what’s possible at this stage and then go off down the recommended route to research and try and make that happen.

Nathan, I believe you should be able to hide certain pages, so that when you publish those hidden pages are not visible to outside viewers. The other option is you can create another doc, and then selectively use the cross-doc pack to selectively transfer data and thus only expose certain data

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