CODA.IO Mobile Performance

Hello Coda Team,

Old Bug in Coda

The first error when opening an application that returns to the login panel and then a control panel to choose the document and login and here is a long process to modify something or add something simple.

Second, the design of tasks, it is difficult to modify the speed in which you have to click on the specific task and then you can modify.

Third, the search process is not available in the application for the phone and it is difficult to find the specific task.

Fourthly, the navigation bar system. I wish it would be placed. Choose any system, the side menu or the navigation bar from the settings.

Fifthly, when there are a lot of columns, the side swipe system does not work, which does not show the buttons in the row.

Sixth: Opening the application every time will return you to the document selection panel when you enter again.

I think with this message the development team is going to kill me lol.

Like what is in the list above it mentions some errors in the mobile application, today I tested the performance of the application and the results were as follows:

These statistics are not to clarify that the program is bad or of low quality. They are only performance statistics that were made by me specifically to improve performance and provide a better experience for me and for all users. I salute the work team and wish them success.


Thanks for sharing that. I’ve passed this along to a teammate on the team responsible for performance to chime in on. Someone should reply soon!


This is quite important for people who want to use it as part of their daily lives. Whether using an expense tracker or task management tool. Imagine having to take 30 sec to open the app, find and choose the correct document and only then, you can input the expense or task. It defeats the purpose of improving productivity and saving time. Notion has the option to go straight to the last opened page, which saves lots of time. I hope Coda can implement this soon!