Mobile Application

Hey there,

The Mobile Appilctionn its to slow and not like one page as notion its smooth and easy.
(sorry for my bed English)

good thank for TEAM

Sorry to hear your experience with the Coda Mobile application is going slow for you! Is there a specific bug you’re encountering with the mobile app that you would like us to look into for you?

The first error when opening an application that returns to the login panel and then a control panel to choose the document and login and here is a long process to modify something or add something simple.

Second, the design of tasks, it is difficult to modify the speed in which you have to click on the specific task and then you can modify.

Third, the search process is not available in the application for the phone and it is difficult to find the specific task.

Fourthly, the navigation bar system. I wish it would be placed. Choose any system, the side menu or the navigation bar from the settings.

Fifthly, when there are a lot of columns, the side swipe system does not work, which does not show the buttons in the row.

Sixth: Opening the application every time will return you to the document selection panel when you enter again.

I think with this message the development team is going to kill me lol.