Launched: Improved doc list in the mobile app

We’ve made docs — and your team — more discoverable in Coda’s mobile app.

Now all of you on-the-go doc viewers can read a doc’s full title and see the avatars of your team members currently in the doc. Here’s to quicker scrolling and a more seamless search experience.

Mobile improvements.gif

Keep an eye out for more mobile improvements coming soon.


this is all nice and all but the main things you need to fix are

  1. loading speed

  2. better search - use an omnibar like everybody else. e.g.


Unfortunately, this is so true and a HUGE problem.
The app can do a fraction of what the web version can do.
Unlike Notion and Slite which have immensely fast apps that actually allow you to use the system. Coda is not mobile friendly, and it takes an IMMENSE amount of time to just load a simple page. It makes the system totally unusable. If you have a set of docs in a folder, you cannot search across the board. Some editing cannot be done in the mobile version.

Instead of constantly trying to add bells and whistles, why don’t you concentrate on the basics. Building a really SOLID, USER-FRIENDLY and LIGHTNING FAST mobile experience?


It’s better. Feels a little faster to go back and forth through the Coda doc list and inside a doc. But I noticed it basically freezes when you reach the end of the list and is loading the other docs. It takes like 5 to 10s to load and if you give up (because it is taking too much time) you can’t scroll back to the top until it stops loading. Loading speed needs improvement. I appreciate a little attention to the mobile app, but I think you guys should really focus on that now. We had huge improvements on the web version and Coda is enough ahead of competition on this area. Is time to go full focus on mobile experience now.

What is that you think Coda is ahead of competition? I really am genuinely interested in you expanding on that.

Is this the same thing which when you tell your colleagues that they can use from their mobiles and a couple of days later you start receiving messages and emails saying that it’s “too slow”, “my eyes hurt”, “I can’ find anything”, “buttons don’t function”, “I see it but can’t click it”… and you feel like you’re never going to look these people in the eyes again?
Real story :kissing_heart:

That is exactly why I said the mobile experience should be priority now. When I said “web” version I was referencing to the “desktop” version, which is much better than Notion, the “trend” app right now. Buttons, automations and formulas makes it much better than ClickUp, Notion, Asana and Airtable in my opinion. I also think Coda makes a lot of propaganda about “docs that turn into customizable apps” and their worst experience is exactly the mobile app. So sorry to hear you are struggling with the mobile version too.

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it. We are almost on the same page.

I think that Notion and ClickUp (especially) are way ahead in access rights (priority N1 by far for Coda, IMHO) and ClickUp is developing super fast an environment that “just works” - like the limited settings iPhone which provides stable mobility support while one can focus on the core business tasks. Asana… it’s used by many agile businesses who are busy making money and don’t have time for building docs that are not pressing need. Take that with a bit of humor as they all lack something and Coda’s advantage certainly are the formulas :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the shared opinion. It’s very valuable for me right now.

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