Performance Issues - More than 25+ seconds to open docs

Hi Codas,
We’ve covered issues about performances in several different threads.
I can’t stress enough the huge problems we have in loading certain docs (startup time) when on Mobile both in Android and iOS and with different network conditions fast 4G / strong Wifi.
I’m struggling with 25/30 seconds startup loading times that make a quick insert into a table or Canvas almost impossible. This makes the use of Coda Mobile almost useless since people can give up at a certain point…
Is there something coming up in your roadmap that will address those issues?

Here’s a gif with an iPad 2018:


Dear @Francesco_Pistillo,

As the community will not be able to support you, maybe contacting is a better approach.

Of course when there comes up relevant news on the developments, the community becomes the right place for updates

I know it’s been a while, but hopefully you’ve seen our latest updates to doc performance! Update: Our continued commitment to performance

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