Slow document loading

Anyone experiencing slow loading since a couple weeks ago? It takes several minutes for a document to appear ready.

I can live with it, but the wait is becoming quite frustrating every morning.

Formulas debug don’t report anything long unusual with my two docs.

It is not related to a single document, no major changes over the last weeks. Tested on different Macs, Safari/Chrome browsers. My internet connections works flawlessly for all the other websites.

Could it be related to coda hosting service for my location? I’m in Colombia, South America.

I am also experiencing quite slow load times for docs-- on desktop and mobile-- opening and closing docs. Granted, I am a new user (maybe a couple weeks) so I thought this was just one of those growing pains a software company deals with when they get a lot of new users. However, your comment makes it sound like the document loading used to be very fast and now it isn’t?

I have never counted less than 7 cycles around that orange loading ring circle. Roughly 10 seconds to open a doc or go to my docs list. It is especially bad on mobile. Although once a doc is open, switching between sections is quite snappy.

Over the last few days we had a big launch and also optimized a few things on the servers. There may have been times when doc loading was slower than normal.

Are you experiencing the same thing today as well, or has the issue cleared up?

If you’re still experiencing issues, it’s more likely that there is a formula in your doc that’s contributing.

Thank you Charles and Ben for reporting,

Actually the last two days loading doesn’t take more than 20/30 seconds. So now it is much more better than before in my case.

I’ll take Bens explanation about the cause of the problem.

Thank you!

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Sad to report the loading of the documents is really slow right now.

It is even like that for the very simple docs!

I do really need to access a doc, and after more more than 15 mins it hasn’t loaded yet. Even this one is not a simple doc, normally it takes less than 30 secs. My internet connection is fast, tried two different browsers… two different computers.