Performance shown when writing formulas

When trying to optimize a doc it is completely a guess and check process. How do I know if the formula I just wrote will take a lot of time or not? I think it would be helpful to show the time it takes to exicute that formula in the formula writing pop out.

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Hey @Shannon_Massingill thanks for writing in. Great suggestion, we were just discussing this last week. I can definitely see where it would be helpful. One thing that this doesn’t account for is if the formula doesn’t take much time when you write it, but then you go enter a lot of new data in the doc and the formula slows down. We’re definitely thinking about this and other ways to help users build docs that run more smoothly but unfortunately can’t promise a timeline.

Meanwhile, if you have any slow docs and you are able to share them, please ping me or anyone by clicking the question mark button on the bottom right of your doc. We have tools that can help us see if any formulas are slowing down your doc so would be happy to take a look.


For anyone watching this thread, we just made some announcements related to performance: