Coda Knows No Boundaries

Just a quick shoutout to the Codans - I know you are all deeply committed and work diligently to ensure that Coda is agile. I see that agility - it shines through every time when my team needs a new type of framework to test, or document, or track information and typically in scenarios unlike any they’ve ever done before. The ability to shape a solution that is compelling and easy to use is Coda’s remarkable story.

This little app has a very big impact as we validate classifications of vehicles passing at upwards of 90 MPH. Coda serves as a critical validation process and doubles as system documentation. It uses a custom pack integrated with ElasticSearch and a number of complex formulas. You guys make me look like a genius not just once in a while - all the time. Thank you!


Not to take anything away from Coda, and yet, I think your genius would shine through even if your tool was no more than a wooden spoon.



No but really, as a Coda user, that image you shared is super cool and an inspiration to us all :slight_smile:

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Ha ha. I need to clip this and put it under a magnet on the fridge.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas when manifest as a process, can be game changers. Where Coda really shines is the speed and reduced effort with which we are able to corral even some of the most complex processes. Coda is the Golden Goose - this is just one little egg that happens to be 24k.