Coda Maker Meetup: Join us in San Francisco on April 25

Join us on April 25 for a maker meetup in our San Francisco office! This will be a fun event, designed to celebrate, you, our valued community members. David Kossnick, product lead, will preview our upcoming AI features, so bring your questions about AI, the future of work, and how Coda is at the intersection.

Plus, we’ll have food, drinks, and of course, swag. Full details here.

When: Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 @ 5:30PM

Location: Coda SF office | 250 Montgomery St., Suite 1000, San Francisco, CA

RSVP here

We hope to see you there!


Hey Elizabeth,

I’m not sure if you would be the right person to connect with. However I am organizing a generative AI meetup in Miami and would love to feature Coda. Who should I talk to about this?

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Hey Elizabeth,

Whens the next Coda conference? I remember we did one a while back where we got focus socks, coffee and had a great day learning about packs and new features. Is that happening again this year?

Hi Chris- I would love to learn more! Do you mind sharing?

Hi Harry,

I am so glad you enjoyed our Block Party event. We are looking to host a few smaller versions of this event across the country this year. Hopefully you are able to join one of them!


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Upvote for Chicago as a possible stop on the Coda tour

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Sure! A bit of context—for the last 9 years, Maginative was a digital consulting firm that helped businesses use design, digital technologies and content to deliver better products and services. Our clients include Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Turner Classic Movies, Biogen and the Volkswagen Group.

Recently, we relaunched our website and made a pivot to focus on AI. Here’s a LinkedIn post explaining why.

This summer, Richard Banfield (former VP of Design at InVision) and I are organizing a generative AI workshop and meetup in Miami that is focused on how businesses and professionals can leverage AI-powered tools to be more productive and profitable. Our goal is to focus on practical real-world uses of AI.

We love Coda and were blown away by the demo last month. We are offering companies like you (that show demonstrable and compelling use-cases for AI) both sponsorship opportunities as well as inviting them to either lead sessions demoing their products, or asking them to give us access and permission to do so.

If this is something you are interested in, let’s set up a call.

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile: For those of us not based in the states will you be hosting anymore online events?

We hope to be there soon!

Hi Harry- yes, we actually have a few virtual events happening soon. Check these out here and here.

yes, lets chat @chris_McKay. Will email you.

Ok, sounds good. I’ll wait for your email and propose some potential dates.

Hi Elizabeth!

I wanted to thank you for organizing the meetup in SF yesterday. Coda is so cool, as are its people!

It was fun meeting so many smart Coda folks and fellow makers and I am very excited about the new AI features.

All the best,
Lynn vK

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Hi Lynn,

So glad you were able to join is and found it valuable!! Looking forward to hosting you at the next one :slight_smile:

Check out photos from the meetup here!