Coda mobile as a deliverable for customers


The primary information device for certain customers, like shop owners and restaurant managers, is the smartphone. Coda has amazing possibilities as a deliverables channel.

For instance, Coda would be nice as a front-end or dashboard for a consultancy service: Shop owner could open a Coda document as a nice dashboard of all the results obtained from the consultancy. BTW Iā€™m not talking theoretically :slight_smile:

However, there is a show-stopper, or at least a show-delayer. As mobile version of coda cannot be customized, the options for presenting information are limited. I envision a coda document as a deliverable for customers like a mainly passive asset. Although it could include certain active operations (checklist, message exchanging), it would mainly serve as a flexible and smartphone-friendly way of presenting live and updated results.

Is there any mobile version customizable options in the roadmap?