Coda Organization for multiple teams and multiple purposes- am I over-complicating things?


I’m new to Coda and trying to get my head around an organization to make Coda my Master App.
My situation is that I am a consultant with a small team, wanting to use Coda for personal and professional situations.

My teams are at anywhere from 5-10 at any given time:
Core team
Client team 1
Client team 2
Client team 3
Family team
Side Project team 1
Side Project team 2

My projects/products are at 10-15 at any given time, some lasting 3-6 months, others multiple decades, and some micro projects (philosophically, I consider all projects & goals “products”):
Biz Product 1
Biz Product 2
Biz Product 3
Client 1 Project
Client 2 Project
Client 3 Project
Research Project A
Research Project B
Personal Project O
Personal Project P
Family Project
Kid 1 Project
Kid 2 Project
Kid 3 Project

Because of sharing constraints my architecture of Docs looks like this (simplified):
Master doc for me (1 page per every product/project) as my personal app
Doc for every shared product/project
Master doc for every team member with each page being their product/projects
Cross-Doc syncing of relevant tables, etc. between Product Docs and “Master”/personal app docs

This might sound complex, but it starts to get pretty simple, where I can use Coda mobile in my single “Master” app


As a side note, I’m also trying to find simple ways to sync with Roam, which I’m using as a personal learning/wiki db since it is the most scalable solution I found for that and integrates decently with Readwise, which integrates with Kindle & Instapaper, etc.

Hi Brian

Welcome to Coda! I hope that you will have a great journey.

Off the cuff, it sounds as if you have lots of docs. What are the “sharing” constraints that you mention?

Do the recipients need to be able to make changes? Do they need to reflect in the master doc?

One overall recommendation: accept that you will not get such a complex requirement correct the first time round, especially with being new to Coda. Start prototyping with one or two of your teams, use it and see where the pain points are, and where you need to learn some more.

One of the huge advantages of Coda is how quickly you can build a prototype.