Code API - Delete All Rows in a Table

The code below, requires row IDS, in order for us to delete multiple rows in a Coda table using Gogle App Script.

// Import the CodaAPI library via Resource->Libraries...:
    CodaAPI.authenticate('<your API token>');
var body = {
             'rowIds': ['i-aBcDeFgH', 'i-AbCdEfGh'],
   CodaAPI.deleteRows('<doc ID>', '<table ID>', body);
   Logger.log('Deleted 2 rows');

How will I delete rows in a Coda table without the knowledge of row ID’s beforehand ? Or another question is how to get the list of Row ID’s from a table? Thanks!

Hey @Alyssa_Gono! There’s a deleteRow (singular) method you can use where you can pass the “name” of the row (the display column value) to delete a single row. If you want to bulk delete rows, you can get row ids by calling listRows to get the contents of a table, which will include both cell values and row ids.
Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out to support directly or follow up here if you need any more help.

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