Collaboration on a table

Hi all and sorry if this is fairly basic stuff.

I am quite new to Coda (currently on a free plan), just beginning to grasp the concepts and dig into the functionalities.

I have set up a simple agenda item table for a small team of 8 which I’d like to share with them; everyone will be able to add and edit rows.

My trouble is: since I use groups, any time one of the members views the table while another one works on it (adds rows, expands/collapses groups), the viewer “sees” the other one’s work and changes in real time, which might get irritating, right? And everyone who accesses the table sees it such as the predecessor left it.

I had the idea to set up a primary view with identical grouping and sorting for each one of them and have everyone bookmark her/his very own view, so they don’t get distracted by the others’ actions and can group/sort/filter as they like.

This doesn’t appear elegant to me, though, for as soon as I change or optimise anything on the main table, I understand that I would have to update all the individual views as well.

There might be something that I’ve missed so far, so I’d be grateful for any hints or clarification how to accomplish this correctly.


Hi there @Otto_Kiefer and Welcome to the Community :grin: :tada: !

Maybe this post my help you here :blush:

Or … this one :blush: !

I’m pretty sure @Paul_Danyliuk explains here :point_up_2: how to set up a clean and maintainable “user specific” views :blush: .

I’m not sure though if it will solve all your troubles, but it’s a lead :blush: !

I liked this solution of @Federico.Stefanato quite a bit and to make it even more dynamic you might consider to apply the AddOrModifyRows() instead of AddRow()

Cool, thanks very much! Actually, I had already discovered some of Paul’s contributions, which at this point appear rather advanced to me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

I’ll have a look at the video links and try to absorb some of the contents; at least I see that this is a topic and request that Coda doesn’t feature natively.

No problem :wink: !

And yes, you’re right : As far as I know, Coda doesn’t support this natively (potentially yet) :blush:, hence the existence of Paul’s “per-user setup” :blush: .

As a side note : As someone who is still learning “how to Coda” and perfecting my own Coda skills, don’t worry, I know the feeling :sweat_smile: !
But, fortunately, Paul’s teachings and the Community, as a whole, are filled with helpful knowledge to gather :grin:, so don’t hesitate if you have questions/troubles :blush: !