Column grouping (or bunching / clustering)

The current grouping functionality is really powerful and I use it quite a lot.

Sometimes I’d like to be able to place columns themselves (rather than rows) into ‘groups’ (or bunch or cluster them to pick a different word) that might reflect a category or provide additional context for a multiple data points than what is contained in the column name itself.

Below is a screenshot of how I’d normally do this in a spreadsheet (with Location being the cluster for all the address details, Basics being the cluster for columns containing the core attributes of the property, and Amenities being a cluster that captures columns for individual amenities).

Not essential, but also potentially quite valuable for making large tables easier to navigate is to adapt the spreadsheet ‘collapse group’ functionality (see second table in the example). In Coda, the process might be:

  1. create clusters for each table (or view)
  2. assign columns to a cluster
  3. indicate whether the column is collapsible or not.

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I’d like to add another perspective to column grouping:

For example, depending on a Status column (e.g. To Do, In Progress, Done), I have a different subset of columns to consider in different views.

It will be more comfortable if I could choose “show/hide all columns from group X” instead of choosing each one of them manually.

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yes! this exactly! I want to be able to hide/display a few columns at one time based on the value of another.

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