Column is not written as text, but as a link

good day!
I am writing a formula connecting several text columns. One of them has a link to another document. As a result, this column is not written as text, but as a link to a row in another document.
Help me decide.

Instead of + you can try Concatenate(thing1, thing2)

I also noticed that the first thing you’re referencing is a row. You could try explicitly referencing its display column, like (sorry, don’t know how to write Cyrillic characters), which would get you the “name” column from the kateropnr row (I’m assuming this is a lookup to another table?)

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I didn’t understand that.

and it worked.

thank you very much

Concatenate is a formula that works almost the same as +. You can add as many things as you want in it, for example:

Concatenate( thing1, " ", thing2, thing3, "." )

is pretty much the same as doing…

thing1 + " " + thing 2 + thing3 + "."

The only difference is that there are some situations where the + version will give you unexpected results, so if you’re trying to add text to text, it’s safest to always use Concatenate.

A simple example:
1 + 3 + "hello" = 4hello
Concatenate( 1, 3, "hello") = 13hello

It’s not just numbers either - you can run into weird things with dates too. So keep it to Concatenate if your intention is to combine text.


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