Convert text in a formula to text I can edit

I am getting this message:

External data column

Values can’t be edited in Coda.

on table data that has been formatted using the concatenate formula.

I would like to be able to highlight and select parts of the concatenated data.

I’ve tried creating a new column that uses a formula: ToText(thisRow.Summary) where summary is the column i’ve used the concatenate formula.

Any ideas here?

Any chance you can share an example doc with the issue?

I’m not a doc maker so i don’t know how to make an example doc that I can change the sharing permissions on, but here is the formula i am using to concatenate the various rows.
I would like to be able to be able to copy specific parts of this data, but I can’t edit it.

Concatenate("Name: ",thisRow.Name, Character(10),"Email: ",thisRow.Email, Character(10),“Pref Pronoun:”,thisRow.[Preferred Pronoun], Character(10), “Instruments Taught:”, thisRow.[Instruments Taught],Character(10),"Time Zone: ",thisRow.[Time Zone], Character(10),"Knowledge of Music Theory: ",thisRow.[Knowledge of Music Theory], Character(10),"Background as a Music Teacher: ",thisRow.[Background As a Music Instructor], Character(10),“Music Teacher Associations:”,thisRow.[Music Teaching Associations], Character(10),"City: ",thisRow.City, Character(10),"Links: ",thisRow.Links, Character(10),"Resume: ",thisRow.Response.IfYouDLikeToIncludeYourResumeInYourApplicationYouCanUploadItHere,Character(10),"How Many Students Wanted: ",thisRow.Response.HowManyStudentsWouldYouIdeallyLikeToTakeOn


So i tried to make a new column that used that ToText(thisRow.Summary) formula but it didn’t work. it still says
External data column
Values can’t be edited in Coda.

For now, i’m just copying the row data and pasting it into a blank column next to it. :pensive:

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