Find and Replace from columns

Hi all,

I’m using coda as a companion to some third party ecommerce tools that aren’t fully-featured enough to let me label some of my fields I’m creating. So I’m trying to do a workaround by copying/pasting my formula into coda and organize the values I need to find/replace into table columns.

So I have a string of nonsense characters generated by the third-party software that are used as place-holders in math formulas that I paste into table rows.

So let’s say these are “a1b2c3d4” and then “z0y9x8w7” in rows 1 and 2 column A while column B contains the plaintext version of “Apples” and “Oranges”. Then I paste the paragraph of the formula into a row in another table. The formula is like z0y9x8w7+a1b2c3d4 and I want to have the columns from the other table find and replace these values from Column A with the Values from Column B making it display as “Oranges+Apples”. I tried Substitute and RegexReplace but those don’t work.

Any thoughts

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