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This has been suggested before in 2018, but given the time lapse and lack of recent response, I wonder if it’s been lost among the chatter here.

A find and replace feature is essential for large projects with a lot of text. Ideally, I would prefer a such a feature to permit a user to replace specific values across all Coda pages in a project, but at the very least it would be great to have the ability to automatically replace specific values in a table on one Coda page.

For example, recently I wanted to replace all mentions of a specific system that was retired with the name of the system currently in place. I have a table of over 300 rows on a Coda page, with the legacy system mentioned randomly across columns and rows of the table. Instead of being able to search for the old system name and replace all mentions of it with the new name in one fell swoop like I would in Excel, I have to find the term searching with the browser through ctrl+f and manually replace each instance I come across.

This is incredibly time consuming, so I go back and forth copying and pasting CODA data into excel, using the find & replace option there, and pasting the revised data back into CODA. This solution is also not perfect, as I’ve messed up the formatting of tables before when pasting revised data into CODA.

Given that, much of what CODA solves for with its service, Excel does as well, one would assume such an innate and basic feature of Excel would be present in CODA. In my professional opinion, the lack of this feature greatly reduces the appeal of CODA against MS excel.

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You would think CODA would have this basic functionality since excel spreadsheets do. Totally agree.

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Hi Brittany,

Welcome to the community and to Coda!

The easiest way to replace text is probably

There are also a fair number of other formulas that you could use to achieve the same outcome.

This misunderstanding is at the heart of your frustration here. If Excel could do 10% of what can be done in Coda I would be really surprised. Coda has a completely different design philosophy, giving rise to completely different use cases.

Simple examples would be the ability to easily link tables with each other, canvas columns and the Coda formula language which is inherently easier to read than Excel functions. Other examples is the whole concept of packs with its ability to integrate with other web applications, and easily add new formulas to the Coda language. Coda is tightly integrated with an AI, and it’s synching and embedding functionality is just not possible in Excel.

I hope that you persevere with Coda and get to see what an amazing, and different product it is.

And I say this as somebody that made a post on the community shortly after I started using Coda defending Excel against Coda. A year later I went back and apologised for my post… :wink:

Happy Coda-ing

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