Text find and replace

It would be enormously helpful in constructing documents to have find and replace. Even if it only works on text initially. If this feature already exists, I can’t seem to find it anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Joseph_Gilley!

Does RegexReplace do the job?

RegexReplace("Top Flat w/Parking (marina / cow hollow) $1200 1bd 800ft", "([$]\d+)", "$2000")

“Top Flat w/Parking (marina / cow hollow) $2000 1bd 800ft”

If learning/using regexes (regicies?) is not your thing you can also use Substitute which is simpler but less powerful.

Substitute("Hello world", "Hello", "Good morning")

“Good morning world”

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thanks for the suggestion! that works for transforming columns in a table, but I’m not familiar with how that can apply to text as paragraphs, headers, code blocks, etc. outside a table column.

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Ahh I see what you’re saying. I’ll play around with something and see what I can find

What is your goal with using find and replace? Are you looking to make a dynamic document, or are you just trying to fix errors on your page?

more like fixing errors. in my particular case, I’m writing a design document and my team has decided to rename something. Instead of searching for each occurence in the search bar, and manually replacing, I would like to specify the replacement.

Basically this feature from gdoc:


Ah yeah, that would definitely be a nice feature to have. For now, you might be able to use something like this chrome extension to get the job done.


I totally agree to have this feature

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This extension does not work with tables.

Find and Replace is a must-have tool for any document editor. It’s strange that it’s not in Coda yet

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This is a pain point.
Working on live docs in an evolving design space, names and terms change all the time.
Having a way to simply change them anywhere they appear in text is … I mean… it’s kinda basic, isn’t it?


i totally agree - its a HUGE missing piece for a product that is aimed at note-taking and text-based collaboration

i wish i could give it more than just ONE vote

for now, i copy/paste the pages text into another tool and do my find/replace operations there and then copy/paste the page back

but i must do that in sequence for EVERY page in my documents!



hi @Xyzor_Max ,
the moment data is living on a canvas in tables, we might consider a regexReplace(, , )
wouldn’t this solve most of the issues you face today?

@Christiaan_Huizer - could do but…

what we need is a global search/replace built into the document UI
and not have to create and code special buttons or formulas

i have a workaround like that in progress for an auditable document
but - i had to replace the whole page canvas with a large view of a table row
(a single cell containing a canvas column type)

thats because, i can ‘grab’ the contents of the canvas using ToHtml() and then use RegexReplace() on that - but there is no way to get the modified text back into the page canvas!

so my workaround for the workaround is getting very convoluted indeed



+1 for this feature request


Also be nice if find/replace could work with partial words - like replace ABCDE in ABCDE23451 with FGHIJ to give FGHIJ23451…


even with the new AI assistant, this is a miss. Still need this feature

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+1 for this FR. Thanks!

yes, Find and Replace is "table stakes"functionality in any word processor, which—let’s face it—Coda.io is a web-based word processor on steroids. Without this, we’re still using other tools, and so adoption will be low within any given org.

Shocked this feature is not available. I am using Coda to co-write a book. So no text in tables. This is making me feel like I made a mistake suggesting we use this app :frowning:

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What kind of information management tool does not let you find and replace text ?!?
Please address this!