Text find and replace

It would be enormously helpful in constructing documents to have find and replace. Even if it only works on text initially. If this feature already exists, I can’t seem to find it anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Joseph_Gilley!

Does RegexReplace do the job?

RegexReplace("Top Flat w/Parking (marina / cow hollow) $1200 1bd 800ft", "([$]\d+)", "$2000")

“Top Flat w/Parking (marina / cow hollow) $2000 1bd 800ft”

If learning/using regexes (regicies?) is not your thing you can also use Substitute which is simpler but less powerful.

Substitute("Hello world", "Hello", "Good morning")

“Good morning world”

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thanks for the suggestion! that works for transforming columns in a table, but I’m not familiar with how that can apply to text as paragraphs, headers, code blocks, etc. outside a table column.

Ahh I see what you’re saying. I’ll play around with something and see what I can find

What is your goal with using find and replace? Are you looking to make a dynamic document, or are you just trying to fix errors on your page?

more like fixing errors. in my particular case, I’m writing a design document and my team has decided to rename something. Instead of searching for each occurence in the search bar, and manually replacing, I would like to specify the replacement.

Basically this feature from gdoc:


Ah yeah, that would definitely be a nice feature to have. For now, you might be able to use something like this chrome extension to get the job done.