Add text to column

Hi Team,

how can I add text to a value?

i have a column (numbers) where I only have numbers.
I want that text is added automatically like “mm”. so it would look like: 15mm
Pretty sure ther must be a formula to add text but I just can’t find it :frowning:

please help :slight_smile:

Dear @Cello_Chevy,

You might want to use the concatenate formula


Or Format(), that I slightly prefer:

Format("{1}mm", [YourColumn])


Can this only be done with a helper column (ie. input column and formatted column)? I don’t see a way to have the format applied to the column in which you enter the new values, correct?

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Good point @joost_mineur: this “auto formatting” cannot take place in the same column as the input.
In Coda columns can be either data (input of different kind) or fomula (computed), not a mix.

but currency can, why not other?

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Thank you @Federico_Stefanato I was hoping it to take place in same column same as @Kristijan_Moser example with currency.

But thank you all for your quick replies much appricieted.

Because currency is a special native column type in Coda

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