Can't get numbers to format as text


I am finding that Coda is forcing number formatting onto columns that I need to to read as text (because some rows have “numbers” that also have letters in them – like 985a, 985b.
This is from a legacy spreadsheet and this numbering system is integral to our process.

Is there a way to force the column formatting to read as text? I keep selecting “text” and it keeps changing the column to a number.



Hello @Christina_Crowder ,

Without an example or a copy of your problem, it remains confusing, but if I understood correctly, the formula you should use should end with .ToText() .

Please let me know if I have solved your problem or if I am in error :).


I believe you can just adjust the column type to text, then I believe it will read as text.


Christian is correct. When you first paste/ enter numbers into a column, Coda will make the column a number type. However, you can then change the type to text, and it will stay text.

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If you’re copying in the text, try Ctrl+Z. The first undo changes back the formatting, and the second removes the text. So if you only do it once, it will go back to normal.

Thanks all,

That is true. However, when I go to the formula builder, that column (of numbers that I have formatted as text) converts to a number column and I can’t figure out how to get it to stop.

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