Auto changing column type after it was set manually

Everytime we empty a column and repush data to it, it will convert it to number if the value you are “currently” pushing is number. Sometime we will push different type in the same column and that’s why we set it to text manually.

Also would be nice not to have by default “Use 1000 separator (,)”, same goes for the group background colour :pray:


Welcome to our pain, Marc!

For me, I work with Zillions (with a ‘B’) of photos and video files, and every time I paste in a filename into a text field, it gets treated as a hyperlink, which I then have to pencil to correct.

If I include a slash character ‘/’ before the name then it remains as text e.g. /TestVideo.mp4 - but then I have to look at slashes in front of all my filenames…

Having recently dabbled with Obsidian, and seeing how it can directly link to files on my hard drives (something I had wished Coda had a desktop app and could do), I’ve moved over to using that for my multimedia cataloging / database.
(Especially after discovering the “Media Extendedplugin which enables annotating video contents!)

But yes, I WISH Coda would resolve this issue - a “TEXT” column should be text, no matter what you put into it (unless you choose an additional setting / formatting option…)


I share this pain!
There should be two different kinds: Text and Auto, the second of which would behave as Text currently does.


Same here. Would love to have this corrected

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I raised this issue with Coda because I use a Tracking Number in an orders table and if the shipper is UPS then their is often a letter in the number but if it’s USPS then the tracking number is usually numeric. Other shippers, could go either way. What’s most annoying is, that often I add a new Tracking Number and everything is fine, as my column is “text”, but then if I’m viewing the table and the tracking numbers in that view are all numeric, when I go back to see my other tracking numbers the column got converted and then the stupid comas were added. SO then my links and buttons to open that tracking item in the shipper’s web site are all broken because I concatenate the shipper’s tracking URL and add the tracking number. I haven’t heard back from Coda about this issue and if they are going to resolve it or not. Maybe if enough of us show examples of why columns should NEVER change their type automatically once we set it, they will fix this.