Combine Data from 2 Tables to Add multiple rows to Third table

Hey community, I am trying to create a table that will allow me to build out estimates for a project when we receive a support request.

For context:

For each of our support projects we have a number of stages, and within those stages we have a list activities, and an estimate of how long those activities take.

I have created two separate tables to capture this - the first a master list of project stages

and then a master list of activities that uses a lookup to the project stages table

When it comes to support requests users are submitting a form that is captured in a table Support Requests

Once we approve a support request it moves on to planning and estimation and what I would like to do is take Project Name from Support Requests and combine it with the Master list of activities into a new table called Project Estimation & Planning so I can build out the timeline for the project. The result would look something like this when grouped

and ungrouped

I’d love to know not only if this is possible, but also if this is the best way to attack this problem in CODA?

Would greatly appreciate any advice - thank you

Hi @Catherine_Rendell

Hope you’re doing well :wink:

Here is my proposal :

I Understand that you manage your master list of stages, and your master list of activities. So I consider this as an input data. But obviously you can modify it later. I also consider that each new project entering in the Support Request table will have every activities.

So, in your support Request table, just create a Add this project to Project Estimation & Planning button

And add this formula in it :

What does it ? : this button will run in every activities from master List of Activities, and for each row, it will create a new ron in your “Project Estimation & Planning” with :

  • the name of activities
  • the name of the project according to the current row from where you click the button

Then, just add “referenced by” column in your project estimation & planning table to get back other data from master list of activites (Estimate & Stage)

Here is what you get :


And the embed doc if you wanna have a look

Please let me know what you think :wink:



Quentin, you’re a :star:

Thank you so much for your help and your time building this out, this is exactly what I was looking for.

I wasn’t quite getting the syntax in the For loop and really appreciate your assistance in building my Coda coding knowledge.

Many thanks

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Hey @Catherine_Rendell

This is such a pleasure to read enthousiastic comment like this !
Do not hesitate for any further questions you may have
Since that, enjoy this document :wink:



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