Combining data in columns with certain conditions to build an element in an XML file

Hey Coda crew,

I’m working on building a RSS feed (xml file) using Coda and I’m almost there but for some formulas, I need a bit of assistance. Basically I need some help in writing a formula which takes values from columns, determine what type of value it is and returns a result in a specific format - yes, this sounds a bit vague so I will show you what I mean in a crude example;

So basically the OUTPUT column is an element in my RSS feed that combines lists of names and/or creates “a links” if there is a weblink entered for a particular person. I started on a solution using a whole bunch of If() statements but it became unwieldy and my brain melted. I really just need to be steered in the right direction if somebody has the time to take a look for me.

Appreciate any help you have to offer.

Hello, @Dean_Baker, and welcome to the community!

I would suggest you to try slightly different approach to your data organization. And then there will be easy to do what you want:


Hi Denis, thanks for having a look at this for me. Yes, great idea to separate the data out like that, it means one more table to maintain but the elegance of this approach is exactly what I am looking for - thanks again, I really appreciate it.