Launched: RSS Feeds πŸ“°

I’ve just released a small Pack to be able to have RSS feeds as Coda tables :raised_hands:

You can learn more here β†’ Coda | RSS


this is a great pack

extremely versatile indeed

being able to represent rss feed details as a table in a coda doc opens up so MANY new uses

very grateful to @Leandro_Zubrezki for this

well done



Thanks Max!

That’s exactly what I thought, you can add multiple feeds in the same table and add additional columns to take notes which makes it great. KEEP UN-SYNCED ROWS? is super important in this case if you want to keep records that no longer match the feed!


This is very cool. I am getting this error for my feed however:

500 - Failed to fetch from

Can you give me any guidelines as to whether there are specific RSS formats or standards I’m missing?

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Hi @Jarred_Cinman!

Yes RSS is a specific format, I checked your url and it is not in the correct format. Take a look at how to generate RSS, there are sites that automatically can generate a feed or you can do it programmatically if the site is yours.

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