Command to get Month Name by Number

I make the analysis of my business in a monthly basis. Therefore I make lots of operations with the month number by using months ahead.

After calculations have been made, I would like to send an email with the Name of the Month. Although this command is present, it only works for dates, not for numbers.

I would ultimately get my goal by MonthName(ToDate("8-1-1")). I think it’d be really easy for us to have a formula like MonthName(8) and will result on August.

The app is marvellous by the way! Thanks in advance!! :smiley:

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Hey @Jesus_Lopez welcome to the community!

What’s wrong with your current implementation? Coda can’t make a formula for every case that can be handled with two existing formulas combined. Maybe there’s a way to make it more simple for you.

Another way to ‘clean up’ formulas is to use WithName():


Hi @Jesus_Lopez ! You can simplify your formula using MonthName(“8/1/1”). But I do agree this suggestion could make things a little bit easier.

I have used that option, but I am taking the “8” from a result of another formula. So, it makes the doc a bit messy. I think nevertheless that I could use @Johg_Ananda 's suggestion.

Thanks for your help! :smiley:

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