Community Research Group x-post


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Hi all!

My name’s Nagle, I’m a researcher at Coda. I’ve talked to some of you 1 on 1 in intercom and over video before!

I’m starting a small user group. Here at Coda we from time to time want to reach out and here from users – sometimes in a survey format, and sometimes in in-depth interviews.

Please let me know in the thread if you’d be interested in being in our user group. We’ll provide small incentives as a thank you for any in-depth interviewing.



I would be glad to be involved


Same here, with the knowledge of my French time :blush:


Definitely interested here! :ok_hand::ok_hand: Thanks for doing this, love companies that request community feedback!


I’d be excited about a possibility to contribute to Coda in a small way - so definitely interested too.


Absolutely interested. Would be happy to be involved.