Comparing lookup columns with single and multiple values

Hello, I’m trying to filter a table view based on a value that is assigned to a user in another table.

The problem I seem to be encountering is that lookup objects in a table where multiple objects can be selected cannot be directly compared to other lookup objects. I have tried using the “in” and “contain” formulas with no luck.

I have created a very basic example below

In the Troubleshooting table I created at the bottom, you can see that if I have only one field value (eg Chemistry) selected for user1, the values are not equal, but at least the contains formula seems to work. However, if you add another field to user 1 (eg Chemistry, Biology), both contains formulas will report false.

There must be something about these data types that I’m missing.


Can you change the sharing settings so we can see the doc?

I think it’s updated now, I also have an editing link here


You were comparing a list of rows to a single row. This is a common point of confusion. Easy fix, though. I made some notes for you in that doc.


That makes sense. It only got problematic when somebody had more than one field and I figured it had something to do with lists vs single objects. I was too focused on the multiple fields rather than multiple users. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it a ton!

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