Compile a list of checkboxes on a page / subpage with a formula?

Hi folks,

At some point I swear I saw a demo of someone pulling all the unchecked checkboxes on a page and its subpages into a single interactive list using a formula. Am I imagining that or is it something that can be done?

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Hey @Andrew_Mason ,

the easiest way to do this would be to use lookup tables with filters that show only the required rows with their checkbox column instead of checkboxes as controls. Your list would be another lookup table with unchecked rows as filter.

I would like to follow-up on this request. Checklists are very handy to drop todos in the document flow as your write notes.
However I haven’t found any proper way to summarize all checkboxes under one big recap page. Inserting a table or a view every time a todo is needed breaks context and seems quite heavy handed.

This kind of a capability is already implemented in tools such as Confluence via their Macros.

Have you heard of anything similar in Coda?

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