Concatenate("Time" value) - Can't tell if it's a bug or something else

Hey, guys,

I’ve got a pretty simple working hour calculator that I’d like to use as input to another system.

The issue I’m having is trying to get a string out of a few Time columns.

What’s the most strange is that for different rows it behaves differently, and I have also tried retyping the columns’ values in case it would be some kind of automatic type conversion.

Here’s what I have:

This is my configuration for rows Início, Almoço Início, Almoço Fim, Fim.

In column Time to text I have a simple Concatenate() joining each value of these four columns with a space as separator:

Now, the issue is that for different rows this formula is giving me different results! See below:

You can see that for (1) it gives me a string without the leading zero for the Início value.
For (2) there is the leading zero. And for (3) it goes crazy wild and returns me the whole HH:mm AM/PM format!

Can you please enlighten me as to what may be the cause for that?

Here’s a link to a valid copy of my original doc that you can edit:

Thanks in advance,

PS: I had to upload some images to imgur because as a new user I could only attach 1 image. So I decided to leave the most important one here. :open_mouth:

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