Conditional Formatting on Summary Lines


I am applying conditional formatting to a table with summary lines.
It appears to be working well on individual data lines as per the conditions i am setting but never applies to the summary lines and i cannot seem to find a toggle type of option which would extend conditions criteria and styling to these…
Is it not yet a feature or am i looking in the wrong place ?

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I don’t think you can format summaries.

What you can do instead is make a separate table where you’ll aggregate the data you need into cells, and conditionally format those. Sure, not as convenient, but it’s something.

This would definitely be nice to have. Here’s the use case I have.

In my Health tracker doc each component of a meal has a calcium value:

I can of course set up conditional formatting for these cells. However, I’m not so much interested in individual food calcium values. I’m instead, more interested in hitting a goal value for the day (e.g. 1000 for the day).

If I collapse that day, we see that the total calcium for that day is 1041:

Since it’s above 1000, it would be nice to format it as ‘green’, for example, to indicate that the daily goal was met.

As far as I know, this is not yet possible.

Coda team: please consider adding this feature. :slight_smile: