Conditional Formatting to Bold the Min Value

Hey guys,

I’m trying to find a way to write a formula for the conditional formatting so that it bolds the smallest value in the column.

How would you do that?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile: Works great!

How would I do this for a row? I have a category column (so each row has a different category) and want to look at all my date columns (jan-dec) to find the min amount in the row.
This is what I tried and it highlights the whole row:

thisRow.Category = thisRow.Category.Filter(CurrentValue = Rent).Min()

something like this, I did it for 3 months, but you would need to do for all 12 months (one rule for each column) - also the formula for Min For Row column (which you can hide) would be List(thisRow.Jan, thisRow.Feb, thisRow.March).Min() [ add all 12 columns in list]

Smart! That works perfectly :slight_smile:

Now I’m trying to find a way to only format the row if the min value is unique so I don’t have like 5 columns highlighted if the min value appears more than once

So far I’ve made the min per row column in the doc and a column that lists out all the values per row so i can look through those values and return true or false if the min is duplicated. It’s not working correctly though :confused:
What am I missing?

If(thisRow.[Values per Row].Filter(CurrentValue=thisRow.[Min Per Row]).CountUnique()=1,“true”,“false”)

I think you could do something like
thisRow.Price=thisTable.Price.Min() and thisTable.Filter(Price=thisTable.Price.Min()).Count()=1