Connecting Coda to data in Snowflake?

I have data in my Snowflake warehouse that I would like to annotate and set up automations around in Coda. Does anyone have a good method for sending Snowflake data to a Coda table as a new row? It does not need to be live, it could be a daily batched job.

Hey Adam!

We do have a Snowflake pack that is in the final stages of development. It requires Enterprise Pack Controls though which are only available to Enterprise workspaces. If you want to test out the pack we can create an Enterprise Trial for you, but further usage of the pack after the trial would require an upgrade to Enterprise. It sounds like you know Eric Koleda so he may be a helpful resource as well. Let us know if we can provide any further assistance!


Hi James, that’s great to hear! Yes we’d be interested in an Enterprise trial, but maybe we enable it after the holidays when more of our team is back from time spent out of office. What next steps would you recommend here?

Hey Adam, whenever you’re ready, just email with your request. Should be pretty easy to get the trial started from there. Thanks!