Snowflake direction Insights for a small business

Hello, Coda Guru. Let me start by saying that as a newbie, I’m always looking up to you.
I am always helped by your legacy.

I’m sure you gurus have already thought about this topic, so I thought I’d ask you about that part (Snowflake). (As a dumb solo entrepreneur, I call it a data warehouse, and I’m pretty sure it’s about decoupling storage layers to achieve cost savings+efficiency).

Q: How should I prepare for Snowflake+coda as a small business owner, and how will it evolve?

My small insight into CODA+Snowflake is that
1. I know it’s a combination for coda AI and
2. easy to implement to eventually ask all the questions where the data is embedded.
3. it is my understanding that you want to use CODA as a front-engine, no-code tool, library?

So I’m trying to collect as much data as possible in airtable. I believe in AI almost like a religion.

I was wondering if any of you CODA gurus have any insights on how to prepare for it and how it’s evolving.

Short answer:

Coda is good.
Snowflake is good.
Together they allow a small businesses to grow into a large business, while staying on the same platform.

I am not aware of any other similar environment in the market