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I’m trying to create a content management doc that lets me track the status of each piece of content (mainly blogs) and the social media posts that are based on them.

I want a table that lists all blogs I’m working on in of various stages and links to a page that’s dedicated to each piece of content. I don’t want to write drafts in a canvas field as they’re far from ideal when it comes to writing.

I’ve created a page called ‘content repository’ where I’ve been adding the blog posts and referencing them with an @ in the blog content tracking table, but i feel like it’s not as efficient as it could be and mistakes could be made.

I’ve got another table that is used to track various social media posts based on the blog content. Each blog post might 2+ pieces of social content associated with it, hence the second table.

I’ve attached images below that show how I’ve set it up so far, but I feel i could do it far better.

I’ve done a search for doc templates and youtube vids but haven’t found anything satisfying.

I would appreciate any help or advice here! Thanks :slight_smile:

Note: I’m mainly a Notion user and am used to the ‘name’ field in databases being files that I can write in.

Hi Sam !

I’m not sure this is gonna be useful but I’m curious about why you prefer sub-pages than canvas ?

Since you’re a new user of Coda, do you know you can go full screen on your rows and have a different layout for each use ? For example, “Infos layout” you have a view with all your columns and “Writing layout” you have a view with only the canva where your content is, in full screen.

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