Control of recurring licenses

With the rise of SaaS licenses, controlling billing, renewals and general license management can be a headache.

In order to also integrate this data into the Coda workflow I have:

  1. created a table “licenses by supplier” where I have recorded all the licenses of my suppliers
  2. I have created a table linked to my company’s customer bbdd where I have assigned all the contracted licenses from each of our customers.

The objective is that given the “Date of registration” and taking into account the “recurrence” factor of each type of license (annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly) a formula calculates the next date (month) in which must invoice this license.

In this way, every month I will be able to see when I have to invoice each client, I will be able to better estimate at treasury level when I will have to pay each supplier, etc.), create graphics that help me better visualize the data, etc.

I solved it as follows:

  • Column “License price”
  • Column “registration date” to calculate the starting date for the next renewal
  • Column “month of registration” that calculates the month of the “date of registration”
  • Column “recurrence” (value = 12 yearly, 6 semiannually, 3 quarterly, 1 monthly) to indicate to the system how many months each license must be accounted for
  • Common “Next renewal”: With a formula “month of registration date” + “recurrence” I can calculate the next renewal month of each license

[I think that the reasoning is coherent, although there are certainly more optimized ways to solve the issue]

What I am not at all clear about is how to calculate the projection of the future turnover.

I’ve searched but haven’t found any cases similar to what I’m raising,
Has anyone encountered a similar challenge or can think of a way around it?

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