Convert Checklists/Bullets into Table Rows

Checklists & bullets are great because they’re lite weight easy way to make a quick notes & lists. However after the meeting is over some of the items you want to move into tables. While there’s lots of work around suggestions (ex: start with a table, Pro Hack, and more) nothing will ever be as flexible and helpful as native functionality to turn checklists/bullets or other canvas content into rows. Especially given all work arounds are typically difficult to adopt for non-power users.

Something like this would be amazing

  1. Highlight content (ex: bulleted list, checklist, paragraph) and click send to table
  2. Be able to filter what you want to send (ex: only non-checked off items, search terms, custom formula)
  3. Select new/existing table
  4. Set additional options (ex: sub-bullets become own rows, sub-bullets go into X column into it’s parent row, etc)
  5. Go!

Thanks for listening Coda!

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