Easily change lines to different types: like checkbox

Sometimes you want to write down a list of things and then make them into a todo list. right now there isn’t an easy way to do this. It would be great if you could highlight some piece of writing and change its ‘type’. For example turn a list into checkboxes, change some text into a button. My guess it would be some hamburger menu or plus icon after you highlight some text. Although a much more simpler model dynalist.io does this quite well.

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This would be a great feature

Is there any life to this?

It seems very strange to not have an intuitive method for creating a basic checkbox list for one-off todos. It’s quite fluid while working in ClickUp or Dropbox Paper to quickly create a series of checkboxes by using ‘’.

Adding a checkbox as an element each and every time, or creating a table is too much, and less like a seamless document.

Dear @NickNick,

By typing “[” “]” and enter in the canvas you will get your checkbox in the canvas
With the “+” you will be able to add more text boxes in the same sequence.

In case you need on another location more, just start from scratch as explained above


Yes, unfortunately, that’s what I described above. Checkboxes in a table is less fluid and intuitive than inline typing that are available in other editing UI’s:

Dropbox Paper:

ClickUp example:

Coda example: