Multiple Checkboxes Inside of a single Text Cell


Hi there,

One issue I keep running into with all of these online spreadsheet/project management interfaces is that checking off large lists of items for things that will have different tasks can get rather cumbersome. You don’t want to have to make a new table for each task that has different items to check off.

Currently what I’m doing is using the highlighter to highlight certain lines in a “Steps” Cell to mark them as “Done”. The Steps Cell is formatted as a text cell and alt-enter is used to add multiple lines. I’ve tried to make these ‘sub tasks’ and have them point to different records in another table, allowing status updates in the popups, etc. It’s all very slow, clunky, and non-intuitive. Highlighting and un-highlighting lines of text to indicate done/not done is also very clunky and doesn’t provide a nice visual indicator to others as to what to do to mark those lines as completed.

If we could add multiple checkbox icons into a single text cell this would really be helpful, and would provide a feature that I found to be lacking in almost all of this software type. Maybe if you enter “cX” into a Text cell is changes into a check mark box.


We hear you Thomas! Stay tuned - very soon you would be able to achieve this very scenario very easily in Coda.


Hi Thomas_M,

I realized that I never replied back on this one. With layouts ( that we introduced last year, your scenario can be done by having subtables.

here’s an article ( that shows how for each recipe - there are different ingredients - and they show up as table in details view for recipe.

Thank you.