CopyDoc docUrl doesnt seem to be the correct one

Hi All,

I am trying to copy one doc to a folder using the Copy Doc List pack. PFB the formula,

[Coda Doc List]::CopyDoc([Coda access for Coda Doc List Pack (], “Coda | The doc that brings it all together.”, title: “HelloWorld”, folderId: “canvas-fooH2NUbJn”)

I am getting the below error.
“The given URL does not appear to be a link to a doc”. I copy the docUrl by right clicking the doc and selecting “copy link to page” option. Please let me know if its the right way.

Thanks, in Advance.


Hey @Elam_Jaybal ,
as I know, the formula expects a doc url without any additional information for the subpage or table the url points to.

This is not very convenient as you just want to copy/paste, but at least it will hopefully help to get it to work :slight_smile:

So if you url is something like this:


you need to short it down to this:


Let me know if it helped!


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