CopyToClipboard() return string "external"

I had an async formula and I need to perform clipboard function that looks like this: CopyToClipboard(myFormula), however when I paste from the clipboard it always return the string “external”. Is that a bug or I’ve done something wrong?

In my doc this works as expected, just double checked.

If you make and share a dummy doc with your formula, we can check your formula, I guess there is something wrong with it.

Yep, this only happen in action formulas. Do you have any workaround to deal with this?

It is kind of hard to help you if you don’t share what you are doing:

Looking at your post and seeing this:
doesn’t tell me what is going wrong. The function works for me, so it should work for you if used properly.
To get help, make a dummy doc illustrating what doesn’t work, share it with the community and someone will take a look to see what is going on.