Could we save people's signature / allow people out their signature into the coda table?

Hi There,

I have made a table which record clients data (name, time and date) when they come in and out at the office.

Just curious, do we able to allow people (in this case the clients) to add their signature into the table for verification purpose?

Thank you.

Hi @Joco_Wijaya,

Iā€™m not sure I fully understood your request.
I provided a very simple example to see if this is similar to what you intended:

Basically, it allows the user to explicitly approve their data.
The button can only be pressed if the current user is the person in the table.
It can obviously enhanced much more if this is the right direction.

Let me know if this helps.

Great sample @Federico_Stefanato,

And as Federico already mention, there can also be added the timestamp when the approval has taken place.


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