eSign documents with coda

Hello everyone,

I’ve just discovered that some esign services are free to use.
Is there an existing integration for eSign that I have missed ? Is Coda working on something like this ?

I think this would be a pretty nice addition to the Coda arsenal.


Hey @Baptiste_Cavallo , I know there are several folks working on electronic signature packs for Coda. @Denis_Lin is building an eSignature pack in public that looks extremely promising. I completely agree that it would be a great building block addition!


Oh well that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

Is there any teasing for the pack that @Denis_Lin is building ?


Hey @Baptiste_Cavallo! I haven’t heard of any esign services that offer their API for free, but I’m currently working on a Pack for, which is the best deal I’ve found for indiehackers → it’s pay as you go, $0.50 per contract sent. All the other ones 1) require a paid monthly subscription, and 2) only give you a certain number of contracts which results in a much higher cost per contract.

The Pack will work in tandem with’s super easy to use web-based template maker: make templates there, then directly from your Coda doc you can send the contract out to recipients to request signature, and when it’s been signed the status will update in your Coda doc.

Which free esign services did you discover?

Oh, $0.50 per contract seems very reasonable for indiehackers :slight_smile:

I’ve discoverd PandaDocs which is failry easy and has a google workspace integration, but indeed, the API isn’t free.

I will start looking into for sure !
Thanks a alot @Denis_Lin !

It’s funny I was thinking of this scenario today as well! There are other scenarios where you might not require using an eSignature service. For example, if you are requesting a customer to sign for receipt of a delivery of an order.

I can see that there is a package on npm - signature_pad - npm

Does this mean that one could create a pack add add a signature field to Coda?

No problem! I’ll keep you posted on when the Pack is ready for testing! :slight_smile:


hi there. Are the pack out for use yet? I would like to know when this will be available

Is the eSignatures pack not available anymore? I just tried to look it up and it’s not in the Pack directory.

@Jordan_Axani I have the same question…

@Denis_Lin Did you discontinue support for the pack?