[New pack] Generate pdf from docx templates with docMaker.co

We are happy to share our new Coda pack :fire: :fire: :fire:: with docMaker you can easily generate pdf using dynamic data from your Coda databases, with 2 actions:

:one: Generate pdf (or docx) from a docx template (insert text, images, lists, loops, html-formatted text, nested loops, use all kinds of conditions, generate QR codes…)
:two: Fill-out pdf forms (text, images, checkboxes, radio buttons…)

:moneybag: Free trial with 100 credits for 14 days
:moneybag: then pricing starts at 16$ per month for 500 documents (no limit on the number of pages per document), with unlimited templates.
Coming soon: Free plan with 10 credits per month free forever

Check-out our new pack:

And have a look at our tutorial video to see how easy it is to use it and to create loops (formula included) :


Do you offer as well some layouts, like boxes, lines etc?

Hi @Thomas_Schulz1 : any layout you set up in your docx template will be preserved when creating the result file (can be pdf or docx). So you can use tables, boxes, lines, headers, footers etc… everything in MS Word basically !

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Any chance of handwritten signatures, ideally directly from Coda to the template?

Hi @Stefan_Stoyanov , sure, you can insert handwritten signatures easily in a docx template using an image tag like this {%signature}.
But this requires the use of a signature pad feature or pack in Coda. Not sure if it already exists…
If not I could add it.

Hi Elian, my feeling is that many would benefit from a functionality to sign documents through coda form or directly in Coda. This seems like a great win for the community and doc makers.

Can you elaborate a bit more on what is your best suggestion to achieve it?

Hi @Stefan_Stoyanov , after some investigation it appears that Coda packs do not enable the creation of UI elements.
So I can see 2 options here :

  1. I could create a pack which would give access to a aws-hosted signature pad element, which could be embedded in any Coda docs, with the “embed” function. Demo : https://pbwrilg5rccocdkvtj7c4sj65u0osfji.lambda-url.eu-west-3.on.aws/
    And the generated image would be sent to a Coda webhook in your doc, triggering a workflow which could upload the signature image to your doc, and then add this signature to a docx or pdf file with docMaker pack actions.

  2. Or I could add the signature feature in docMaker workflows, so that when creating a pdf from Coda, you could provide a list of signers emails, and docMaker would send them emails and invite them to sign the document in the docmaker app. Then the signed document would be sent to all parties, and would also be sent to a Coda webhook in your doc.

Which option sounds better to you ?

Hi Elian,

Thanks for checking the options. I personally find more value in option 1. It seems it would be more beneficial for more scenarios, if it allows to store the image for every row in a column. From there it would best suit various scenarios.