Create Dynamic PDFS from Coda Table [Documint Pack]

:wave: Hey there!

Im excited to announce the launch of the * FREE * Documint Pack which will allow you to create dynamic and professional PDFs from your Coda data with the push of a button!

Documint is a PDF service that empowers businesses and individuals to automate everyday tasks using document generation to increase productivity. Now with the new Coda pack, you can easily create invoices, contracts, and more!

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How do I use this pack?
No fear! I’ve created an easy featured doc with a loom that helps you get up and running fast

How much does the pack cost?
Its completely free! And it always will be


Hello @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution. I tested different scenarios and it works good and rather quick.

While testing, I used up my free accounts allowance (10 docs), but I can still keep on going with watermarked results, which is OK for testing. But I am finding their plans pretty expensive. I don’t mind paying for things I use, but 15 to 20 cents per pdf is rather steep.

I am also wondering about using larger text segments in a (one) variable: I did not manage to maintain linebreaks in the transfer from Coda to Do you have a solution?

I also noticed that supports constructed variables, like street.address,, etc. These variables show up on your pack as “street” and therefore don’t work (yet), or I am doing something wrong. You can see this behavior in the the sample template “product brochure” .

What I really like about is that it allows for multi page documents and the layout options (including picture backgrounds)

All said and done: very nice pack. Was it complicated to write?

Greetings, Joost


@Scott_Collier-Weir Very useful and thank you! Curious if you know of anything or have anything that does this same exact thing in reverse? PDF to Coda? As always, you do amazing work and your contributions are priceless. Thank you! :clap:

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Hello @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

In november I asked a couple of questions about your pack - I am wondering if you overlooked my post?
II have one more question:
regarding invoices: how do you repeat line items - say you have
item_name, item_qty, item_price, item_total
and you want to repeat that for, say, 5, or 50, times? If there are to many items for one page, what happens then? I can start experimenting, but a short answer would help.
Greetings, Joost

Hey there!

The Documint pack does not YET support looping or repeating items.

Codas packs would need to allow the acceptance of a thisRow parameter which, as of right now, it does not support

There is hope for that in the future though!

As of now, you need to pass custom JSON constructed from a coda doc into a custom payload and define that payload template by template.

I’ve done it with one doc. If this is something you are interested in send me a DM!


Do you know if the Documint pack supports repeating items now? Or do we still need to construct custom JSON?

Hey there!

You still need my private pack to be able to do it. If you’re interested, send me a dm and I’ll let you know details!