PDF generator from a coda page with floating values in a page

I have a unique use case and would like to take your input on it. I am building a coda doc to manage training programs for many students, i want to generate a certificate for each student, I did a page with floating formulas and variables and we can select the name of the students and it will auto populate the name, date, …etc. but my issue is that i have to print out these certificates one by one. I wanted to check if you can suggest something to make my life easier :slight_smile:

Hello @Abdullah_Jaghbeer,
There is no perfect solution for that, but using one of the packs ‘documint’ or ‘export to word’ allows you to fill a template and produce your documents (pdf or word). Even though you will create separate docs for each page, it is a lot easier to (bulk) print those than doing the same from within coda.
Documint is a free pack, but you only get to make 10 free .pdf docs per month. Export to word is a paid pack, but allows you to print as many documents as you want.
Once you figure out how to set it up, it works good - I find Export to word a little bit easier to use.
Greetings, Joost

This is very helpful @joost_mineur thank you. I will try this and get back to you with feedback

Internally, we do the same, but it’s a report for many devices. It’s like a certificate performance and the only way we could build the process to be fully automated is to create a custom Pack that:

  1. Pushes the document values to a Google Cloud Platform web service;
  2. The service embeds the values in a document template;
  3. Converts it to a PDF;
  4. Publishes it to a Drive folder, and then sends the URL back into a Coda table field where it can be rendered as the full PDF and emailed to other stakeholders.

You can fully automate this with the existing Documint pack as well!

No need for custom packs.


Indeed, and unless the process requires hitting multiple endpoints during the automation workflow. Our process must also update a security system, logging the existence of the document, access controls, application dependencies, etc. And it also hits Firebase – we need a master database of the document data so that clients can filter for specific documents and aggregations of documents based on discrete values.

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